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7 Hot Tips for Career Reflection

This is a bit of a personal reflection moment but the theme of career reflection is common at certain milestones, it is human nature! My personal situation is that I have just rolled over the 3 years of employment mark in my current company and I find myself reflecting on my current role; the last

How to Better Understand and Avoid Work Stress

Work stress is very common. And many of us can be quite blasé about it. However, we should not be so flippant as work stress can often lead to significant health consequences, like colds and flues, to more serious complications like heart disease. We need to take a closer look into understanding work stress to

Connectivity in the Virtual Workplace

Connectivity in the virtual workplace                    We all know the world of work is changing. There is so much noise about what jobs will be taken by Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and the future of work. Globalisation and Technology have been spruiked as major game changes in the talent space for a while now

Studying full time and working in the industry

As a future graduate, I always get asked the same questions…’What experience do you have?’ ‘When are you going to get a job?’ or ‘How are you going to get experience?’ The questions are asked by university lecturers, friends and future employers. The ‘interrogation’ happens so often it starts to overwhelm me about graduating. I

Fostering An Organisational Learning Culture

Organisations are seen to “learn” through their individual members – employees acquiring new information, or employees joining the organisation bringing with them new knowledge. The challenge for Learning and Development (L&D) teams is to therefore understand (a) how to efficiently capture the new knowledge being brought into the organisation, (b) how to foster a high

Christmas: A Time For Reflection

I am not sure about everybody else but my December has been hectic. It seems as though everybody needs something urgently completed pre Christmas and the pressure has been really on. On top of this, it is Christmas party season and as a person who is prone to over indulgence it can be an exhausting

Improving Team Performance – Provide More Training or Encourage More Practice?

I do believe training can help improve team performance and is a key aspect of a leaders’ role to invest in the skills of their people… but it is not easy at all. I’ve lost count of the number of internal training sessions I’ve delivered over the years.  I’ve also authorised many external training days