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Teamwork – Learning from the New Zealand All Blacks, Harvard Research and Ants!

How do the best teams work?  I’ve collated three extremely different reference points to help answer this question. Teamwork is the combined actions of a group of people working together effectively to achieve a goal. So, for most managers in the workplace, the focus on building great teams should be front and centre and I

Will Artificial Intelligence make the PM’s job redundant?

I must admit, I am a little torn when it comes to deciding how I feel about yet another Australian Prime Minister not serving out a full term.  Sure it reveals Australia would at least make the finals if there were a Most Dysfunctional Government award, which is certainly saying something given the competition around

It’s not who you think!

Every company, division, team and even individual looks at potential risks within their day-to-day movements. Risks can be present everywhere you look, from crossing the street to making a decision on an acquisition or deciding to implement a new system across your division. Risks are all around us vary in degree of seriousness. But is

Why you should hire someone over age 55

Unconscious bias happens to many of us. But, does age-old experience get in the way of securing your Mr or Mrs Right? Here’s why you need over 55’s on your payroll. Anyone in the business knows that recruiting takes time and money. Creating a position description and job advertisement, marketing the position, fielding through applications,

The Failed Leader

I woke up the other morning at about 5.00am, switched on the television to watch the news. The ABC 24 hour news channel led with the story of the Australian cricket side had been involved with a ball tampering scandal and it went directly to a live press conference with opener Cameron Bancroft and captain

7 Tips to Staying Relevant

We all know there are many aspects affecting the talent world and our day to day jobs. I read every day about the changing world of talent: from what competencies we need to be an effective leader; to the workforce of the future; but how do we stay relevant? In my humble view there are

How to Build a Truly Inclusive Workforce

Recently, I was asked by a long term customer of mine, CBRE, to speak at a function to discuss the topic “Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace”. I was part of a panel of supposed experts in the field and when I was first asked to present I will admit to being somewhat apprehensive. What

Is Paranoia A Prerequisite For Success?

Paranoia can be defined as a thought process often caused by fear or anxiety why a person distorts or creates a delusional existence. Paranoid people can often believe that people are “out to get them” and struggle to trust or empower other team members and people around them. Extreme levels of paranoia can see people

Managing – The Carrot or the Stick?

As I write this I’m observing my son’s soccer training.  Some days I watch training in awe of the well oiled machines the coaches have developed and the fantastic skills on display. But not today! Today as I look across the fields, I can see five different teams all of whom have just started training.