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Setting up the white ball

I was talking to my brother recently and he gave a great analogy that he uses with his students which he calls “setting up the white ball”.  For context, Ben is an Artistic Director for a youth contemporary dance company in England. One of the many and varied roles he does (and is most passionate

Mad Monday!

‘Mad Monday’ is a term you’ll hear or read about over the next few weeks in Australia if you follow the news. It refers to the end-of-season celebrations for professional players of various football codes in this country.  It is often accompanied by stories of high profile players letting off steam by drinking heavily and

Mental Health In The Workplace

On the 8th September for RU OK? day, our Brisbane team went offline during lunch, to spend time with each other and discuss mental health in the workplace. We had a terrific conversation, around how we could all play a role in creating a mentally healthy workplace. Here were just some of our key conversation points.