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The Comfort Zone: Why should I get out of it?

We have all heard this phrase: “You have to get out of your Comfort Zone – you have to push yourself to the next level” But do we actually know what the Comfort Zone is and what are the pros (and cons) for pushing people out of it? What is The Comfort Zone? The comfort

Are you spreading yourself too thin?

Do you start early and finish late? Are you the kind of person that always says yes to more work? Do you feel like you’re at a breaking point? If so, you could be at risk of burnout. But what is burnout? Well since you asked, burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental

My experience as a FTM (First Time Manager)

Over the last 12-months I have moved into a leadership position within our company, Optimum Consulting. Managing/Leading a team is something that I have wanted to do since I entered the workforce and a goal that I have spoken to my manager about for the last few years. I think it was even something that

More Resilient Than Plastic.

Ok, let’s talk about this ban on single use plastic bags. There seems to be various reactions to this new rule that some major supermarkets and outlets have implemented. Some Australians are happy that the big stores have begun to take a more environmentally friendly step. Others are downright angry and so annoyed that their

Career Tips – Open letter to my boys.

To my wonderful sons, Currently, you are both in school, one of you in early primary years and one just commenced high school.  So far, your school experiences have been vastly different.  To my youngest, you are enjoying the opportunity to learn about numbers, shapes, stories in books, the environment, how to play sport, how

From Chaos to Productivity – 7 Tips!

How many of us work in chaos? How many of us think we do not have enough hours in the day to do our job? At certain points in time all of us! Take a moment to think about a situation when you have been out of control at work: everyone wants a piece of

How to deal with awkward moments at work!

Are you a recipient of body odour or breath as fresh as a rotten egg? Overheard a conversation that you wish you hadn’t? Here’s how to deal with those cringe worthy moments and keep a positive vibe at work. With the number of hours that we punch out at work, awkward moments are bound to happen

How to De-stress During the Work Week

I don’t know about you, but I like to make my weeks at work as stress free as possible. While I understand that there are always going to be certain pressures that cannot be avoided, I also am a big believer in the little things that you can do to help calm things down. So,

Stand out! Simply over the phone.

Only 1.74% of graduates ever pick up the phone for a job application. A large portion of my job involves going through people’s resumes, assessing their suitability for particular roles and getting back to them to invite them for an interview or to let them know that they were unsuccessful on this occasion. There are