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Plans for the year ahead

The year 2018 has taught us a lot of things. Whether good or bad, we should not forget these lessons. So, if you are still thinking of some things that you want to do or change this year, check out this list that might help you boost your career. If you already have a list,

7 Hot Tips for Career Reflection

This is a bit of a personal reflection moment but the theme of career reflection is common at certain milestones, it is human nature! My personal situation is that I have just rolled over the 3 years of employment mark in my current company and I find myself reflecting on my current role; the last

Why you should hire someone over age 55

Unconscious bias happens to many of us. But, does age-old experience get in the way of securing your Mr or Mrs Right? Here’s why you need over 55’s on your payroll. Anyone in the business knows that recruiting takes time and money. Creating a position description and job advertisement, marketing the position, fielding through applications,

How to Better Understand and Avoid Work Stress

Work stress is very common. And many of us can be quite blasé about it. However, we should not be so flippant as work stress can often lead to significant health consequences, like colds and flues, to more serious complications like heart disease. We need to take a closer look into understanding work stress to

New Years’ Resolutions!

Right so 2018 is with us – awesome!  Like the vast majority of the population you have probably had a good look at yourself in the mirror:  farewelled 2017 and made some resolutions for 2018. But, have you ever wondered where this ‘tradition’ originated? Well here is a potted history for all you fact lovers!

A Graduate Tip Sheet

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a young lady who had finally secured her first “adult” job after graduating university. The reason for our catch up was evidently not to help her find a new role – but rather she wanted advice on how to make a great first impression on her new

Take Time To Plan For People

Financial year 2015/16 is nearly behind us. I for one see the last financial year as a year of challenge and development. The challenge has been financially navigating through very tough times. Our business had relied on sectors that were in decline and we had invested heavily in new business lines and business line leaders.

Being Prepared For A Challenge

As we approach the end of 2012 (already I know!), we start getting to that time where around a few drinks with friends, family or work colleagues, we reflect on the year that’s been , what was or was not achieved and generally a bit of talk about what next year may bring. So as

Turning Results Around Through Planning, Communication and Teamwork

I know, I know, we’ve heard it all before; by reading those self books that talk about the art of communication and effective planning – they say it all the time. But it really is amazing what can be achieved through effective organisation, communication and teamwork. I’ve recently had an experience which I thought brought