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The benefits of using a recruitment agency

Are you an employer considering using a recruitment agency to assist with hiring new staff? The term “recruitment agency” can sometimes hold negative connotations and I’m sure there are plenty of ‘horror’ stories out there. More recently though, there are now many businesses turning to recruitment agencies and there is a definite shift to more

Why you should hire someone over age 55

Unconscious bias happens to many of us. But, does age-old experience get in the way of securing your Mr or Mrs Right? Here’s why you need over 55’s on your payroll. Anyone in the business knows that recruiting takes time and money. Creating a position description and job advertisement, marketing the position, fielding through applications,

Are You Winning Gold Medals At Work?

As the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games slowly drifts away into history, it got me thinking about what it takes to put in a Gold Medal performance at work and how to replicate high performance again and again. There’s got to be more to work than just getting paid For many in the workforce, they

Surviving the Transition from Uni Student to Adult in the ‘Real World’

You’re standing in your graduation gown, clutching your degree in hand and no longer classified as a ‘student’. It’s time to leave the world of toga parties and two-minute noodles behind and put your degree to use in the big, wide world! The future is unpredictable and most of the time we have no idea

Why Working as a Temp can be a Great Career Move.

I recently wrote a blog for employers explaining why hiring temps or contractors is a beneficial business strategy. But that’s just one side of the equation.  What about the worker?  Here are some of the benefits for job seekers. Some people choose temp work as a lifestyle (ICT contractors for example) going from project to

”Rejected for Cultural Fit – Don’t You Mean Discrimination?”

The sad truth about recruitment is that I will always have to turn down more people than I get the pleasure of placing. Telling talented people that they were unsuccessful is often as difficult for me as it is for my candidates to hear – mostly because I personally felt they would be a great

Hiring Temps – A beneficial business strategy

The strategic use of temp staff and interim talent is becoming more of a differentiator, elevating top performing companies above the pack.  Executives who recognise the value of temporary staff are forward thinkers and planners who are determined to lead agile organisations, capable of navigating continuously changing market conditions, by having a pool of talent

How to secure top talent in this hot market!

Since coming back from Christmas holidays in January 2017, there has been a noticeable difference in a number of roles we are recruiting for! It’s a wonderful position to be in and reminds me of the good old days of recruitment pre-GFC in 2009! There is certainly a lot more economic confidence and whilst there

Right People In The Right Jobs!

As a GM one of my aims is to get everyone in my team motivated to achieve goals and make sure all my team are happy, clear about their objectives and know the role they play in the organisation. Although this sounds easy, I am continually finding and hearing from our clients that a lot