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Disunity Leads to Disaster

Australia has another Prime Minister. Once upon a time, this would be huge news but I am starting to feel numb with this change. Since 2007, we have had seven Prime Ministers with four of them being defeated by challenges within their own parties prior to election. The government is in damage control yet again

Connectivity in the Virtual Workplace

Connectivity in the virtual workplace                    We all know the world of work is changing. There is so much noise about what jobs will be taken by Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and the future of work. Globalisation and Technology have been spruiked as major game changes in the talent space for a while now

Lessons Learnt From A Child

Recently, I had the “pleasure” of helping my ten year old son do his homework assignment. As any parent of a primary school aged child will tell you, homework assignments can be a challenge as you try to keep your child focused and get the assignment done as quickly as possible. This week was slightly

The Privacy Debate

As social media continues to grow it delivers many advantages as well as many disadvantages for personal and professional communication. I mean, truly ask yourself, how safe is the information you share on social media? How well do you know the people in your social networks? Do you know them at all? As more and

Beware Of Your Social Media Footprint: It Can Cost You Your Job

There have been numerous warnings for the past couple of years about the dangers of social media. We have all heard that your social media footprint is permanent and you have no idea where your postings will end up. We have seen the ramifications of some public postings gone wrong; be it in the world

Be Mindful Of Your Social Media Footprint

This weekend, I coached my eight year old son in cricket. He plays “Milo” cricket which is aimed at beginners and is a tremendous initiative from Cricket Australia to get young children involved in a non-competitive and relatively relaxed environment. For parents, it is also a good opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with your

Should We Still Be Cold Calling / Telesales?

I have recently been working within our Perth office; a team made up mostly of international, young and very ambitious people and I was interested to hear their take on how they cold call, market and telesales. To be honest they have a totally different approach to what I have been brought up with. After

Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

I always find the Olympics to be a really interesting exercise. As a viewer, I am glued to the television when I see athletes of the caliber of Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps apply their trade. I enjoy seeing sports that I never watch, highlighted on the world stage; the strength of gymnasts scares me

The Online Recruitment World and Consulting

Today in the year 2012 , society is developing and evolving faster than ever before and unless you have been under a rock would know this has been largely due to the growing presence and usage of online media. I remember back in 2006 whilst travelling around the world , I met with fellow travellers