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Diversity In The Workplace – More Than Just Meeting A Quota

Diversity in the workplace is becoming a more and more prominent issue in today’s society with organisations having ‘quotas’ in terms of male to female ratios to achieve gender balance. I was having a conversation with a group of male and female friends about this recently and it turned into a somewhat lively discussion about

Managing different generations in the workplace

Generational gaps in the workplace can be as diverse as Kylie Minogue’s wardrobe. See how to effectively manage the age gap without any bias involved. With an aging population, generational age gaps are fairly prevalent in today’s job market. And, over the next two decades, these age gaps are only going to become more dominant.

It’s not who you think!

Every company, division, team and even individual looks at potential risks within their day-to-day movements. Risks can be present everywhere you look, from crossing the street to making a decision on an acquisition or deciding to implement a new system across your division. Risks are all around us vary in degree of seriousness. But is

Why you should hire someone over age 55

Unconscious bias happens to many of us. But, does age-old experience get in the way of securing your Mr or Mrs Right? Here’s why you need over 55’s on your payroll. Anyone in the business knows that recruiting takes time and money. Creating a position description and job advertisement, marketing the position, fielding through applications,

Good People Make Great Organisations

Despite what is portrayed, most of us are still inherently good. Once upon a time I was somewhat addicted to news.  I read every square inch of newspaper I could find, ate breakfast with the morning news in the background, and was subscribed to various RSS feeds that gave me instant access to breaking news.

Can Low Staff Turnover Be A Bad Thing?

“Our staff retention is almost too good”. Wow, I hadn’t heard that one for a long time. This was a statement that a new client prospect told me this week. I asked what he meant by this. He said that his staff retention has dropped from around 16% to below 12.5% and he held some

“The Fish Rots From The Head”

This was the quote that I heard last week from former Australian cricket star Dean Jones, following the dramatic sacking of national coach Mickey Arthur. Now readers of my blogs will be well aware that I am a sports “junkie” – I watch nearly any sport from MMA to diving but cricket does hold a

Turnover: Not Necessarily a Dirty Word

Anybody that knows me knows that I am a passionate supporter of the mighty Parramatta Eels Rugby League club. My support has never dimmed despite recent tough times (our only highlight was making the 2009 grand final where we were beaten by the Melbourne Storm. The Storm was subsequently found to have cheated the salary

Attract, Engage, Retain, Develop

“A company is nothing without its staff, they are your greatest assets “ An engaged workforce encourages commitment, energy and productivity from all those involved to help improve company performance. Firstly, the importance of attracting the right staff is key, and in order for your organisation to be competitive and ensure your business goals are