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Separating “Work” and “Life”

Just over one month ago my partner and I bought a house and moved from the Redlands to the inner city. So far it has been amazing – everything seems within walking distance, we are closer to friends and family, and now my commute to work only takes 30 minutes as opposed to the 90

What Is The New Work-Life Balance Expectation?

“Work-life balance” is dead. In my opinion, it is fast becoming one of those work related phrases that makes everyone roll their eyes when they hear it; like the phrases “think outside the box”, “touch base” or “it’s on my radar”. We have a vague awareness that we should be doing it – that it

Flexibility: What Does It Mean And How Is It Applied?

Workplace flexibility was a buzz phrase in the 1980’s as the concept of micro economic reform was implemented by governments of both persuasions. Strictly speaking workplace flexibility is about both the employees and employers agreeing to change when (hours of work), where (location) and how (manner) an employee works to achieve both individual and company