Gavin joined Optimum Consulting in June 2021 as the Operations Manager – Corporate Services as part of the Optimum acquisition of the APRG business.

Gavin has had 16 years’ experience within the Recruitment industry, initially working in resourcing and recruitment roles prior to moving into more operational and compliance focus positions. Prior to recruitment, Gavin had 23 years work experience within Banking and Finance, including 13 years within leadership and branch management roles.



About Optimum Consulting

In a fiercely competitive business environment, there is one constant: Talent is essential to business success. The ability to attract, engage, retain and develop the best talent represents a significant competitive advantage.

Since our first office opened in Brisbane in January 2003, Optimum Consulting has been focused on people and performance in the workplace. Still to this day, at least 90% of our business is repeat business and over 70% of our placed candidates are referred to us.

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