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In today’s world as many businesses move towards a global platform, organisations made up of diverse groups of individuals are growing at a rapid rate. Although it can come with its unique challenges working in a multicultural environment where others have values and beliefs that are distinctly different from yours, it can also come with many benefits. It can be a great experience in which there is an opportunity for you to learn so much about people, cultures and organisations. A few examples of different benefits to cultural diversity include:

• Access to overseas markets: Workforce diversity gives you the ability to conduct business worldwide through the varied experiences of your employees. When engaging in business internationally, companies can better reach out because they'll have a better understanding of how other cultures do business. Global relationships will form and will become an advantage.

• Builds a competitive edge and attracts talent: If an organisation has built a reputation for its workplace diversity, it stands to attract the best available talent and skill in the market. When having a diverse cultural group of employees, it shows you recognise and celebrate the differences which exist in different backgrounds.

• Improved productivity and profitability: When an organisation is comprised of groups of people with different experiences and backgrounds, more innovative and creative ideas can result. When employees feel supported in their ideas and beliefs they become more productive, happier and likely to stay with the company longer. Profitability can also increase as the understanding of the market is higher, which will be more appealing to a wider customer base.

• Improved customer service and language skills: When employees understand and can communicate skilfully with customers from a range of backgrounds, clients are more likely to engage. Stronger client relationships can be a result and can provide a business with a competitive edge.

Investing in cultural diversity in an organisation today is as valuable as investing in other initiatives such as technology or marketing. Establishing diversity in an organisation is of great value and organisations embracing it often show higher levels of success and can create a happier workplace.

Mikahla Smith – Consultant

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