Is The Answer In Our Own Backyard?

Why are we employing foreign workers when good old fashion Aussies cannot get work in the resources? I was shocked when I was listening to the news earlier this week to hear how the resources sector now has approval to source foreign workers as they are having trouble filling jobs. I truly cannot believe this

What makes you the employer of choice?

Today while driving to work I was listening to a talk on the top ten companies to work for in Australia. Apparently the survey covered over 7000 people with the outcome being that Newcrest Mining topped the charts followed closely second by the ABC. No surprises the resources sector is highly sought after at the

Turbulent Times: A Great Opportunity To Trade Up

The past week has been a really interesting time for me. I have had a full week in our Brisbane office from Perth and have spoken to a great number of clients and the message that I have received from them has been pretty consistent. With the exception of one client (who is in a

How Prepared Are You?

One of our roles as your consultant is to prepare you for when you are invited for that interview with a potential employer. Preparing for an interview is the single-most effective thing you can do to enhance the likelihood of success in getting a job.  It will improve your ability to answer interview questions appropriately,

The Carbon Future… and what will happen if it continues to go Left?

I have been in recruitment for over 6 years and thoroughly enjoy it. It is fair to say I had the “pleasure” of starting in the Recruitment Industry at the beginning of the Boom Years, in which I have to admit was such a good time for all that enjoyed the benefits of the Boom

What to make of the new budget?

Well, it is the day after the budget was released and I thought it appropriate to share some thoughts with everyone. I actually believe that my thoughts would be best summed up by an experience at the airport yesterday. I was in Brisbane waiting for my flight to Perth and there were two televisions operating

What Motivates You?

Ever looked at your to do list to find the same task staring back at you day after day? Or perhaps you have a job offer pending and aren’t too sure whether it’s the right move for you. Maybe you are at a loss at how to get the best out of your team. Discovering

The Value of Cultural Diversity

In today’s world as many businesses move towards a global platform, organisations made up of diverse groups of individuals are growing at a rapid rate. Although it can come with its unique challenges working in a multicultural environment where others have values and beliefs that are distinctly different from yours, it can also come with

Employee Turnover – A Symptom or Problem?

Bob the Manager storms into his assistant’s office. “Jane, I can’t believe it, another one has resigned what is wrong with people. This is the third resignation I have had to deal with in a short period of time. Clearly we are recruiting the wrong type of people the last three have been unmotivated, lazy