Internal Recruiters….. Making your job easier.

In an increasingly competitive business climate, companies are scrutinising their HR departments like never before. It is very tough for them and they are increasingly searching for a cost effective answer by increasing the size of their internal recruitment teams. In my opinion, internal recruiters have one of the toughest jobs in the world. They

2nd Year Syndrome

As I look back on my first year working for Optimum Recruitment I was shocked to think what has transpired since I made the move to Brisbane. This time 12 months ago Anna Bligh was leading Queensland and the State Government was hiring at will. The mining boom was well and truly rolling along with

Working With Your Partner…Not A Big Deal Or Just Plain Stupid?

When I tell people that I work in the same office as my Fiancé they look at me like I’ve just told them I used to be a Spice Girl. It’s a look of horror followed by confusion concluded with a wry smile. I can see why they might react like this because until I

Man Under Pressure!

Last week I had an extremely enjoyable and rewarding time in our Perth office. The team over there are really humming and there is a great feeling in the town in general. I always stay in a hotel at one end of the terrace and walk to our office down the other end. As much

Turning Results Around Through Planning, Communication and Teamwork

I know, I know, we’ve heard it all before; by reading those self books that talk about the art of communication and effective planning – they say it all the time. But it really is amazing what can be achieved through effective organisation, communication and teamwork. I’ve recently had an experience which I thought brought

Depth of Talent and Risk

When it comes to sport, Australia has punched above its weight for some time.  Despite our less than stellar results at the 2012 London Olympics compared to our gold medal hauls in Sydney, Athens and Beijing, our per capita medal count is impressive.  Our elite athletes are exceptionally talented, well trained and given every opportunity

State Of Mind

State of the economy… state of the job market… state of the carbon tax… state of the miners… state of China… is it all State of Mind? It’s pretty easy to hear, read and see a lot of negativity at the moment – the economy, China, carbon tax, miners tax, Government lay-offs, Greece, Spain; Europe

Keep Your Eye On The Prize!

I always find the Olympics to be a really interesting exercise. As a viewer, I am glued to the television when I see athletes of the caliber of Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps apply their trade. I enjoy seeing sports that I never watch, highlighted on the world stage; the strength of gymnasts scares me

Treat Your Next Job Search The Same As Finding A New Home

Making the decision that you want to move on from your job is often the starting point  for people when considering new career opportunities.  Some will continue in their current roles in a state of bearable disinterest until a watershed moment when they decide that enough is enough.  They may then resign on the spot