Can We Separate Work and Home?

This week I met with a very good, long term client. He and I were talking about hiring an Operations Manager in the near future and what he would hope us to look for. Now, my client is pretty much a “straight shooter” and can be direct and brutal. He has high expectations and has

The Multicultural Workforce

As more and more companies have started recruiting people irrespective of their race, religion, gender and nationality, they are bound to face some of the common problems that can be associated with a multicultural workforce. The concept of “Multicultural Workforce” is evident across the globe, as a large number of businesses are recruiting people from

Making The Most Of Your Probation Period

I’m just about to enter my third month as a recruitment consultant and looking back, the time really has flown. When I stop to think about all the things I’ve learned it really is quite overwhelming, which is often reinforced by my colleagues and mentors telling me that ‘the early stages are the most crucial

The Simplest Things

Around the office last week we all spoke about R U OK day. Some of us spoke about the importance of such a day and the ambassadors who are involved, others about how silly of an idea it is and some just looked puzzled before asking what in the world it even was! For those of you

When Office Banter Goes A Step Too Fluffing Far…

In my opinion, an office without good banter is like a nightclub without alcohol and music…dull. I came to Australia after working for a company in the UK where I got told off for saying the ‘F’ word in a good-humoured context in the office.  In protest I started using the word ‘fluff’ when I

Office Gossip – Team Builder or Culture Killer?

Everyone loves a bit of gossip, I’m sure we’ve all taken part in an office gossip session at some point in our lives. You know the kind I’m talking about… Did you hear about Luke in accounting? What’s wrong with Sarah in sales, she’s been really moody lately? It seems to be a great Aussie

The Wise “Old” Man

This week, I spent a couple of days in Melbourne. Apart from the weather (which was pathetic one day, perfect the next), Melbourne is one of my favourite places to visit. It has a buzz and a vibe and is always energetic. While I was there, I had the pleasure of having a lunch with

What Makes A Good Leader?

It goes without saying that good leadership is crucial to any successful business. But, what makes a good leader and how can someone develop himself or herself into a good leader if they are not one to begin with? The answer is that there are many factors that contribute to good leadership and whether someone