As more and more companies have started recruiting people irrespective of their race, religion, gender and nationality, they are bound to face some of the common problems that can be associated with a multicultural workforce. The concept of “Multicultural Workforce” is evident across the globe, as a large number of businesses are recruiting people from different nations for operating their worldwide business smoothly. In reality, a multicultural workforce is associated with a number of advantages that have overshadowed some of its trivial disadvantages like cultural difference, personality conflict and communication problem. Some of the unique benefits of a multicultural workforce are:

  • It gives the business a competitive edge.
  • It inspires a high level of creativity and promotes innovation in the workplace.
  • Creates cohesion in workplace and high turn out.

Google has successfully incorporated the concept of multiculturalism in its work culture that has enabled it to promote innovation and to emulate its competitors in different fields. Half of the total Google employees at its Mountain View headquarter in the US are from overseas. Currently almost 2000 employees are working on temporary visas in Google out of a total number of 20000 employees and a large section of them were not born in the US. Google’s Mountain View office can be termed as a perfect showcase of international workforce and the rooms are named after some foreign cities to celebrate its multicultural workforce.

Our Perth office has some three different nationalities, which, with a team total of 7, accounts to almost half of the team. On a social and cultural level it is fantastic to be able to learn from others who have come from completely different or similar backgrounds however in another country. In a city as diverse and as multicultural as Perth I feel that we can play an important role here at Optimum in embracing our culture with clients and candidates alike.

In a market as diverse and multilingual, bilingual and even trilingual as the one here in Perth, the investment we have made in bringing the best talent in from overseas surely sets us as a differentiator to the competition where there is as many as 900 recruiters. I like to see us as a business that sets a standard and trend that others can only look at and follow.

Robbie Macleod – Senior Consultant

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