Russell is a crow. He is our kind of adopted pet crow who visits every day at the office. Russell flies his way around the outside of our building banging up against the windows as he goes. As far as I know this is not normal behavior for a crow, so what is he doing?

Does he dislike recruiters (no, never!), and is trying to get in to take a good peck at the workers he can see behind the glass? Is he an angry bird, practicing for when he gets his chance to smash the pigs? Is he love struck (and obviously gay…there’s nothing wrong with that), persistently trying to physically connect with his soul mate who appears as a reflection in the glass? Is he guarding his territory and fighting off a lone crow that seems to show up at the same time as he does every day? Is he trying to help free this other crow that is so much like him, trapped inside the building trying to crash his way out as Russell simultaneously tries to break in? Or is he just an idiot, damaged from too many hits to the head? Who knows? Only Russell has the answer and unfortunately he is struggling to communicate his need to us.

Whatever Russell is trying to achieve, you have to give him credit for his persistence. He shows up every day and gets stuck into his task with gusto, often returning for a second round or more. For all we know he may even turn up on the week-end, toiling away at his task while his mates are relaxing watching the Crows beat the Blues. But for all his hard work, he always goes away with the same result…just a sore head as far as I can tell.

So is this a case of ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’, or is he the victim of ‘If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same result’? I used to think he had fallen in the latter trap, but lately I have come to realise that his apparently useless efforts are starting to pay off in some way. Russell is becoming better known each week, and is often the subject of office discussion. Not everyone in the office speaks of him in a positive light though, and I notice that his actions have even caused some changes in our behavior. I have seen staff yelling at him through the window, and even running and hiding behind

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closed doors. Having previously been in roles that required me to be noticed, or to get into to someone’s office; I can guess how Russell feels and I know he is wondering what else he can do. I am sure he would love some frank feedback.

He appears to visit other businesses in the CBD with the same message, a bang on the window. Some of us feel a little jealous when we realise we do not have his exclusive attention.

Unfortunately at the moment there is nothing any of us can do to help him with whatever it is he is trying to achieve. I’d like to help but my hands are tied. If that changed; i.e. say I could open the window; I would gladly attempt to satisfy his needs. But for the moment he has to remain a source of amusement. If he stops calling I will wonder for a while what became of Russell.

There are many analogies in the antics of Russell and his effects on us; I leave it to you to draw yours. Anyone got any tips to help Russell out?

Rob Lucus – Finance & Administration Manager

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