I would like to start by asking the question – what does it mean to be passionate?

Would you consider yourself to be a passionate person? Have you ever met people who are lacking passion?

I firmly believe that passion is at the very core of everything we do. Combined with love, passion is what every human being is striving for or wanting. You look at all marketing campaigns these days; they are all designed to ignite passion. You have heard of “sex selling”, media advertising everywhere is marketing to our passions whatever they are.

I am a keen sporting fan and follow a number of sports very closely. You think of your favourite sporting hero and chances are most of you would have thought of someone extremely passionate in their sport. In rugby the biggest heroes are the ones who are so passionate for the cause, so passionate about the team they are willing to do anything to get across the line, win extra ground.

At work it seems that skill and expertise can get you so far but mixed with the energy of passion, that never say die attitude, win at all costs; can create a powerful force. People want to be around passionate people they seem to motivate a team, they sweep forward with huge momentum. Their inner deep spirit drives them towards reaching a goal. If it comes

down to a final interview situation the passionate person will on most occasions win the job.

People with passion get results.

People with passion win friends.

People with passion love life and feel fulfilled.

Can you be more passionate?

Kevin Jones – Senior Consultant

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