How Gifted Bosses View Their Employees

Just recently a Client referred me onto an article written by Dale Dauten entitled “How gifted bosses hire and de-hire their way to success”. The article is a very interesting read and one I would recommend to any Manager or employer. There is too much insight to share with you in a simple blog but

Appreciative Inquiry – Are You Appreciating Your Strengths?

I sat with a referee the week before Christmas and we discussed at length the various organisational development tools that are being practiced across businesses today. One which I found particularly interesting, is the AI theory, otherwise known as Appreciative Inquiry. I had never come across this method before, however the more I started reading

You Attract What You Radiate

Some time ago, I was introduced to a social theory that has really interested me over the past few years. It was called the “law of reciprocity” and it is a legitimate theory of social behaviour. Basically, the law of reciprocity means that you attract what you radiate; if you are friendly to people, they