“A company is nothing without its staff, they are your greatest assets “

An engaged workforce encourages commitment, energy and productivity from all those involved to help improve company performance. Firstly, the importance of attracting the right staff is key, and in order for your organisation to be competitive and ensure your business goals are achieved, it is critical that staff are engaged and your superstars are retained and continuously developed so their skills grow and they feel valued, which will immediately improve turnover rate and greatly benefit your organisation. Given the evidence that employees who are engaged in their job and committed to their organisation produce greater outcomes than those who aren’t, then surely it is worthwhile to conduct regular ‘check ups’ on the health of your business. The beneficial outcomes of an engaged and committed workforce apply across financial performance, customer and staff retention, loyalty, safety and quality.

Hiring quality staff is of top importance to any business but it’s not always as easy as posting an ad and hoping the right candidate applies. It takes time and effort, large networks and talent pipelines and having a brand people want to work for and having employees that are engaged and bred in a strong culture in which everyone wants to work. So if engagement and commitment is of such high importance how can organisations measure their current engagement and commitment levels, identify problems and address them to ensure change?

Employee engagement surveys are fast becoming a tool to assist in this process. Staff feedback through an employee engagement survey gives you all the information you need to create an organisation where people enjoy work and want to develop; happy employees are productive employees. However, engagement surveys must be business relevant, specific to the organisation, in ‘real time’ and carried out frequently as businesses change constantly and all business change impacts employees.

Did you know that Optimum is able to provide a range of Human Resource Consulting services including Optimum Insights? We can design, conduct and analyse employee satisfaction or any other internal research to help attract, retain, engage and develop top talent as we understand that the most productive employees are those who are engaged in their roles and committed to their organisation.

As a result of the findings from these surveys, companies can then introduce strategies to retain high performers and those they can’t afford to lose, in addition to creating well defined development paths. If employees feel they are cared for by being invested in by their employer, they are more likely to want to go the extra mile – to do more than just their job description. It is these businesses that will continue to be at the top of their game, have a competitor’s edge and have a happy and harmonious workforce, a strong brand and a positive culture. Their employees will enjoy their work, feel satisfied and never have the dreaded Sunday blues. Surely we all want to work in these businesses and surely as business owners you want this for your company?

Kate Bushell – Divisional Manager

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