So You’ve Hired Great People… What’s Next?

In my opinion attracting talented people to the organisation is a key component of any senior manager’s job. But let’s assume you have no problem attracting talented people to your company because you’ve got a great reputation in your market, your organisation has a strong brand, you have robust recruitment processes or you have a

My First Four Months in Recruitment, what a ride!

Working within the Recruitment Industry has honestly been the most challenging obstacle I’ve ever faced, but by far the most rewarding. No matter how much your General Manager explains to you just how much Resilience is required in this field of work, you can never be fully prepared. The best way to describe it is like

Interview Preparation Is The Key

As previously mentioned in the previous article (Common Interview Questions), it is imperative to research a company and the interviewer before attending an interview. You may feel confident for the interview as you believe you have the company’s desired skills as well as an impressive work history to back it up, but nothing sets a

How Do You Know When You Have Had Enough?

When is the right time to resign? This question was asked of me recently by somebody I met on a plane. I answered in a very non-committal way highlighting that there are a number of factors that lead to somebody resigning and that there is not one definitive answer. I was waffling, however I was