Beware Of Your Social Media Footprint: It Can Cost You Your Job

There have been numerous warnings for the past couple of years about the dangers of social media. We have all heard that your social media footprint is permanent and you have no idea where your postings will end up. We have seen the ramifications of some public postings gone wrong; be it in the world

Performance Reviews: Is The Fear All Worth It?

If your business is anything like my business, you are probably going through a raft of budget meetings, planning meetings and performance reviews. The mere mention of the latter can be enough to send normally rational and calm people into a lather of sweat as they start to think of all the negative topics that

People, It Is OK To Leave!

At this time, people around the globe are caught up in “world cup fever” as Brazil hosts the World Cup of Football (or soccer as it is commonly known in Australia). After the Olympics, it is by far the largest sporting event in the world and is held every four years. I turned on the

Solving The Selection Puzzle

This week, musician, producer and TV host Will.I.Am “shocked” the domestic TV world by saying that the best singer will not win the TV show “The Voice”. He went on to explain that the selection method combined with the criteria didn’t ensure that the best contestant won the prize. Interestingly, I had a similar conversation

Questions That Will Make An Employer Want to Hire You

When attending a job interview, sometimes the most important questions in the room are the ones that you as a candidate ask the interviewer. Not only are these questions beneficial to make sure you are a good fit for the role, but they can also portray you in a good light if you are intelligent