Stay On Target; Can You Face The Challenge?

In my last blog post, I posed the question ‘why do you do what you do?’  Today my question is ‘How do you keep yourself on track?’ The challenge  Many of us get distracted or bored easily. I’m amazed at my capacity to go off on tangents and get myself distracted.  I segue from one

Don’t Mess Up Your First Impression

Everyday you have the potential to meet someone new who could have the power to influence your life. Whether it be someone who could be looking to hire you for your next career move or someone who has the potential to change your life in an instant. You can’t always step out of the house

Industry Trends Video – Pre-Employment Screening

Last month, one of Australia’s biggest retailers was fooled by a fabricated CV that boasted extensive retail experience that simply didn’t exist! The question begs to be asked: how did Andrew Flanagan get as far as being appointed and starting work as the General Manager of Strategy and Business Development in a company as big

Effective Communication To Take Your Business Forward

Hmmm are you easy to understand? Do you understand what your Manager is asking of you? Is communication clear in your office? What do your clients/customers think of your communication skills? Have you actually ever asked them? Ultimately – how do you engage with them? The ability to engage/communicate well, is one of the biggest

The Biology Of ‘Aha’ – Thought Insight

In the shower.  Just as we are going to sleep.  Whilst driving home.  Why is it that ideas and flashes of insight seemingly pop into our minds in an instant when we least expect it and at the most inopportune moments?  “I wasn’t even thinking about it and it just came to me”. ‘Insight’ is