Everyone Needs A Buddy

What do you get for $10m? Well if you are talking about Australia’s indigenous football code, AFL, the answer is Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin.  But why pay so much for one person when you’ve already got a really good team? Because great people make good teams even better. I point you to the impact Lance ‘Buddy’

The Privacy Debate

As social media continues to grow it delivers many advantages as well as many disadvantages for personal and professional communication. I mean, truly ask yourself, how safe is the information you share on social media? How well do you know the people in your social networks? Do you know them at all? As more and

Keeping HR Relevant In A Changing World

I attended a seminar recently that covered a range of ‘people’ or human resources topics and I walked away excited by the opportunities that lie ahead.  The speed of change in the modern world is amazing and technology is advancing at a rapid rate.  No longer is the concept of working from home a utopian

Is It Too Hard To Say Thank You?

Growing up, it was drummed into my sister and I to always say thank when we received something and to follow it up with a thank you note or letter.  This is still a ritual that I like to follow today but somewhere along the way times have changed and we’ve stop writing thank you