Culture Matters; Trust Me

A long term client of mine was recently “promoted” into a new role within a highly prominent publicly listed company. It should have been a crowning glory within his career; a high point for him after 20 years of post-graduate slog. He is now in a position to be the next CEO and, given the

Different Perspectives – It’s Not All About Me!

The Plan After some chatting with my wife, we had the idea to take our eldest son to the snow for a skiing trip.  When I say we, my wife meant me.  “Brilliant!” I thought to myself.  I’d love to go snow skiing again as I haven’t done it for years. And I’d get to

Motivate Me: Is It Possible? Or Do I Just Need To Be Inspired?

I recently had two of my most experienced team members go off to a sales conference of sorts. They have been working with me for over ten years and both of them are in highly customer focused roles. They wouldn’t mind me sharing this (I hope…..too late any way) but they were both feeling a

Lessons Learnt From A Child

Recently, I had the “pleasure” of helping my ten year old son do his homework assignment. As any parent of a primary school aged child will tell you, homework assignments can be a challenge as you try to keep your child focused and get the assignment done as quickly as possible. This week was slightly