Can IIeX Sydney Get Any Better?

On the wall in our office, we have a quote from Jamie Notter which says Innovation is change that unlocks new value. In one way or another, everyone who reads this is involved with Innovation.  In fact if you are not part of an organisation that is at least thinking about unlocking new value in some

Over The Hill At 50?

This is a subject very dear to my heart; alas! I am now in this category. Yes – I hit the big 50 a couple of weeks ago and it has come to my attention that there is quite a stigma in hiring “over 50’s”. Personally I feel fantastic but to the outside world there

What Makes Organisations Successful?

Success is made from many things. An inspirational leader? An award-winning image or logo? Fantastic products? Social media flair? Fabulous, new shiny Head Quarters? Numerous  successful organisations have these. But the most important thing they have, is a definite and common understanding of who they are, where they are heading, and how they are going

Developing an Effective Training Plan for your Employees

In recent years, the introduction of online employee training programs as part of human resource management (HRM) strategies, has created a new channel of knowledge sharing. While in-house training still contributes substantial value to internal operations in organisations of all sizes, the innovation of simulation environments has accelerated knowledge inculcation and sharing. Developing a Training

How Well Is Your Organisation Harnessing Its Collective Brain?

Employee generated insights for identifying problems, overcoming obstacles and harnessing opportunities are extremely powerful.   Employees who are at the coal-face of the business, dealing with customers and hearing about competitive activity, have access to vital information.  The collective brain is simply the sum of the entire organisations’ individual brains, working together to achieve a goal. 

How To Get Your Next Job

I meet people on a daily basis who are actively seeking a new job because they are currently out of work or underemployed, dissatisfied with their current role, seeking a career change or looking to take the next step. Based on my observations and experiences, here are a few ideas and stories on how to