Same WHAT, different WHY and six key questions.

What do a tree, basketball and Uno have in common? I was in a meeting earlier this week when we were asked to participate in an interesting exercise. We were asked to each draw a tree. Everybody’s respective tree was very similar: it had a trunk with a cloud like shape at the top. Then

Recruiting – Temptation Lies Within

In my last blog post I wrote about recruiting being a human function and the role that gut feel plays in decision making.  A reader kindly pointed out to me the importance of considering the “halo effect” and the temptation to choose people we like at interview. The Halo Effect The halo effect has been

Productivity – Are You Living On The Edge?

When I was young I enjoyed watching American wrestling on TV. Although the action was a little -shall we say – rehearsed, there were some great characters and plots which made many of the era’s wrestler’s household names. They would regularly spend more time hyping the action than actually getting involved in it. This led

The Real Cost of Bad Culture

Culture is a word that continues to confuse and bemuse many people and businesses alike. Leaders strive to create a culture that will set them apart from the pack with terms such as “high performing culture” regularly bandied about on company websites. But what does it really mean? Culture can be loosely defined as a