Leadership; Lessons From The Sporting World

Those of you that know me understand that I am a massive sporting buff. I love sport; playing it and watching it. I believe that sport teaches people so many lessons for business and life; lessons of how to work as a team, have fun, deal with failure, respect others and perform under pressure. I

Positivity – Why isn’t there more of it?

Following on from my previous blog which was inspired by Led Zeppelin – I thought I would follow the theme by quoting another major musical influence in my life Prince Rogers Nelson (Prince, The artist formerly known as Prince). Prince to some was overtly sexual, weird… but I lean towards the fact that he was

Are You A Great Communicator?

Communication. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find it difficult to say what I really want to say at work.  In fact, it actually seems impossible, at times, for fear that I will offend or upset the recipient of my message if I mess up the delivery.  From time-to-time, I suffer from this

How Far Will You Travel For Your Career?

Travelling to and from work is a natural fact of life. Unless you run your own business from home or have a work from home arrangement with your employer, everyone has to travel in some form or another. Whether you walk, run, ride, drive or catch public transport, depends on your lifestyle and also your