Executive Remuneration State of Play

Executive pay and termination packages have become a focus of public attention. Just ask Ahmed Fahour, CEO of Australia Post. Here at Optimum we have had numerous requests in the last quarter to look at remuneration and have used our survey tool EmployeeLife to help collate some quantitative and qualitative data to help ascertain employees’

Political Mayhem Creates Jobs Instability…Or Does It?

It has been an interesting few weeks in world politics. Since the inauguration of the US President, we have seen an unprecedented display of social discontent amongst American citizens alarmed at the isolationist policies of the Trump Administration. A wave of antigovernment protests have erupted across the nation and globally! A broad section of the

Turnbull to do what Abbott should have, call in a temp PM

It’s been a while now, but the Abbott Government is slowly slipping into a distant memory and for some, a soon to be forgotten bad dream. Although I personally think that Tony Abbott, the politician, would have a lot to add in any front bench Government, I feel he did make a few key mistakes