It is interesting that in today’s world, which is littered with so much condemnation of our politicians, their ineptitude when it comes to steering the economy, more importantly, their vandalism of our once great position as the world’s “energy superpower”, and the litany goes on, we are still in relatively good shape when it comes to the jobs market!

In watching the coverage of the G20 a few weeks ago, we are not alone in these stakes. The Trump Presidency is earning so much derision from the world’s media. It would appear that the US’s Global supremacy when it comes to leadership is changing hands. Will it be the Chinese or the Russians in the future? There is one thing for sure and that is the prestige of being the most powerful politician in the world will pass on, and the US will no longer reign supreme as the custodians of dispensing the global “rule of law” for all countries.  As Ronald Regan said years ago, the US will be seen as “that Shining Building on the Hill”. No longer!

Interestingly though is that the US unemployment rate is falling whilst their economy gains speed! job-marketWhy is this, because once upon a time you would have thought the jobs market would be “kicked in the guts” so to speak! Not so… like the US, our jobs market is active, almost bullish. In fact, after many years of recruitment, I would hasten to add that we are in good shape!

Maybe we are all just so tired of our political inactivity when it comes to inspiring economic activity. Maybe we collectively have just “got on with it”. Maybe we are taking control of our destiny and are being inspired by our own efforts to achieve, rather than wait for our stale political vanguard to create the wake. Let’s face it, not a whole lot of good has come out of Canberra recently. To a lesser degree, the Queensland State Government seems to be paralysed by their own inability to make decisions, unless of course, it relates to a sporting event, aka Jeff Horn! We have traditionally longed for our governments to create our political sunshine…not anymore, it would appear.

Anyway, across the employment markets we are predicting movement and opportunity. There is one thing for sure in this world and that is the pace of change is accelerating! Let’s all be in it together!

Paul O’Loughlin – Executive Consultant

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