Technology In A People Business

There is a lot of talk as to how our jobs will change with Artificial Intelligence. The future of the workforce is one that scares some and excites many, or is it scares many and excites some? I am lucky enough to work in a company that is a people business but is also a

Hiring Temps – A beneficial business strategy

The strategic use of temp staff and interim talent is becoming more of a differentiator, elevating top performing companies above the pack.  Executives who recognise the value of temporary staff are forward thinkers and planners who are determined to lead agile organisations, capable of navigating continuously changing market conditions, by having a pool of talent

You can avoid it, but you can’t escape it.

Conflict, “A serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one – a state of mind in which a person experiences a clash of opposing feelings or needs” – Oxford dictionary. Coming into the latter half of my human resources major at university, I completed a course aimed at interpersonal conflict within a workplace – specifically,

I’m Available Immediately……But!

I’m available immediately…. But, I have a 2 week notice period….. As a Recruitment Consultant, I deal with people’s notice periods on a daily basis. It makes up one of the ‘must ask’ questions in every interview. It is an important part of the process and a vital piece of information that can sometimes make