Good People Make Great Organisations

Despite what is portrayed, most of us are still inherently good. Once upon a time I was somewhat addicted to news.  I read every square inch of newspaper I could find, ate breakfast with the morning news in the background, and was subscribed to various RSS feeds that gave me instant access to breaking news.

The Skill of Moving On Professionally

Everybody resigns from a job some time. We have all done it and most of us will do it again before we retire. It is never easy to resign; telling your manager that you are leaving your role is an extremely awkward and difficult conversation for most people to have. However, almost ironically, it is

My Younger Self

  Wouldn’t it be great if at any one point in our lives we could go back in time and talk to our younger selves? What would we say? What advice would we give them? What would we have done differently? Recently I was in a meeting with a client who is heavily involved in

”Rejected for Cultural Fit – Don’t You Mean Discrimination?”

The sad truth about recruitment is that I will always have to turn down more people than I get the pleasure of placing. Telling talented people that they were unsuccessful is often as difficult for me as it is for my candidates to hear – mostly because I personally felt they would be a great