The Battle of Artificial Intelligence vs Emotional Intelligence

Over Christmas I watched the “Back to the Future” movie marathon, and couldn’t help but wonder – did the writers, Zemeckis and Gale, have any idea that some of their far-fetched, tech predictions in the 80’s would actually come to fruition in 2015? How did they know that drones, fingerprint recognition, hands-free gaming consoles and

Six Leadership Hints for 2018!

I was fortunate to hear a number of captains of industry talk on leadership.  They were well qualified in their field and were corporate leaders with experience in a variety of large corporates and enterprises giving their experiences and views on leadership and management. I thought I would outline a few key takeaways and perhaps

The Big Talent Challenges for 2018 – What are yours?

As we launch full on into another year (doesn’t time go quickly?!) I thought I would reflect on what our clients have told us through the last quarter of 2017 when we asked this simple question: “What people challenges are you going to face in the next 12-18 months?” From the responses there seems to

Why Working as a Temp can be a Great Career Move.

I recently wrote a blog for employers explaining why hiring temps or contractors is a beneficial business strategy. But that’s just one side of the equation.  What about the worker?  Here are some of the benefits for job seekers. Some people choose temp work as a lifestyle (ICT contractors for example) going from project to

New Years’ Resolutions!

Right so 2018 is with us – awesome!  Like the vast majority of the population you have probably had a good look at yourself in the mirror:  farewelled 2017 and made some resolutions for 2018. But, have you ever wondered where this ‘tradition’ originated? Well here is a potted history for all you fact lovers!