Why You Need To Balance Best Practice with Research

During my time at university I was constantly told how research and theories can explain almost everything we do. Want to improve culture in the workplace? There’s a theory for that! Looking at reducing employee turnover? Check out this model! Research could always explain our behaviour. One tip I’ve learnt in my first graduate job,

7 Interview Tips to Help you Land your Dream Job!

The market has started with a bang in 2018 and there are some excellent opportunities out there with well known companies that offer great career path prospects. Job interviews are never easy, so here are some tips that will help you catch the job you want. The more prepared you are, the more chance you

Stand out! Simply over the phone.

Only 1.74% of graduates ever pick up the phone for a job application. A large portion of my job involves going through people’s resumes, assessing their suitability for particular roles and getting back to them to invite them for an interview or to let them know that they were unsuccessful on this occasion. There are

You Only Get Out What You Put In!

How to Build the Workplace Culture You Want! Every role I have applied for, I have always been attracted to what that company’s workplace culture is like. To me it is one of the major benefits for my place of employment. We can spend up to 40-50 hours per week at work and I need