The Failed Leader

I woke up the other morning at about 5.00am, switched on the television to watch the news. The ABC 24 hour news channel led with the story of the Australian cricket side had been involved with a ball tampering scandal and it went directly to a live press conference with opener Cameron Bancroft and captain

How to aim for (and actually hit) the stars!

After a briefing with an advertising agency and our goals for the coming year, the agency’s managing director came up to me and said, “I like your style. ‘To hit the trees, aim for the stars,’” he said. He was referring to our stretch goals for the year, and he was genuinely impressed that he

Surviving the Transition from Uni Student to Adult in the ‘Real World’

You’re standing in your graduation gown, clutching your degree in hand and no longer classified as a ‘student’. It’s time to leave the world of toga parties and two-minute noodles behind and put your degree to use in the big, wide world! The future is unpredictable and most of the time we have no idea