How To Run A Marathon

A couple of weeks ago I returned from a quick overseas trip to Hawaii. While I was there, my brother messaged me asking if I would be interested in running a marathon at the end of October. My first answer was no – while I have some level of fitness and a distant memory of

It’s not who you think!

Every company, division, team and even individual looks at potential risks within their day-to-day movements. Risks can be present everywhere you look, from crossing the street to making a decision on an acquisition or deciding to implement a new system across your division. Risks are all around us vary in degree of seriousness. But is

More Resilient Than Plastic.

Ok, let’s talk about this ban on single use plastic bags. There seems to be various reactions to this new rule that some major supermarkets and outlets have implemented. Some Australians are happy that the big stores have begun to take a more environmentally friendly step. Others are downright angry and so annoyed that their