Disunity Leads to Disaster

Australia has another Prime Minister. Once upon a time, this would be huge news but I am starting to feel numb with this change. Since 2007, we have had seven Prime Ministers with four of them being defeated by challenges within their own parties prior to election. The government is in damage control yet again

Setting the right goals – the difference between success and failure.

I recently watched a TED talk where the topic was “Why the secret to success is setting the right goals”. This is a hot topic for most managers and employees right now and is the forefront of a number of HR and people conversations. The biggest thing I took out of the talk was that

The Wake Up Call We Need

I use an alarm to get out of bed midweek. I set it early enough for me to get up, shower and get ready for work and have breakfast before heading off for work. Usually, I don’t get up straight away and put the alarm back on sleep; not really sure why this habit has