Tips to Mould your Path in HR – From a Recent Graduate.

We all have dreams of careers as kids. Going through high school, the biggest question posed at me was: “What will you be studying at university?” My dreams for a career started with wanting to be a Doctor or a Lawyer. Yes, far-fetched, bold and typical, I know. However, in those days, not so long

7 Hot Tips for Career Reflection

This is a bit of a personal reflection moment but the theme of career reflection is common at certain milestones, it is human nature! My personal situation is that I have just rolled over the 3 years of employment mark in my current company and I find myself reflecting on my current role; the last

Will Artificial Intelligence make the PM’s job redundant?

I must admit, I am a little torn when it comes to deciding how I feel about yet another Australian Prime Minister not serving out a full term.  Sure it reveals Australia would at least make the finals if there were a Most Dysfunctional Government award, which is certainly saying something given the competition around