The benefits of using a recruitment agency

Are you an employer considering using a recruitment agency to assist with hiring new staff? The term “recruitment agency” can sometimes hold negative connotations and I’m sure there are plenty of ‘horror’ stories out there. More recently though, there are now many businesses turning to recruitment agencies and there is a definite shift to more

The power of ‘Good Work’ – Reflections of a Senior Business Leader

I was speaking with a close and respected Senior Business Leader the other day who had recently finished a senior executive role after two seemingly successful years in the job.  On refection he said he was in a business that, with his experience and knowledge, he would be at the top of his game.  He

The Skills Which University Doesn’t Teach You

Just over one year ago I started working at Optimum in my first job since graduating university. It’s humbling to reflect on all I’ve done over the past 12-months.

How Exercise and Diet Can Boost Your Productivity at Work

I am lucky enough to be working for a fantastic company that has a great team, culture and great managers that support us not only professionally but personally. Twelve months ago, my boss organised group personal training sessions for anyone in our office that was interested in joining. Having not exercised for a number of