This is probably one of the top questions I get from candidates. Where do I start? You could be new to the Brisbane market, looking for your first full-time role out of university, venturing out after a long stint or looking to get into a new industry or stream of work.

If you find yourself stuck or looking for new ideas, here are a few pointers.

Try something different

There’s no denying that employers could sometimes be spoilt for choice so let’s address the elephant in the room. What makes you stand out of the crowd? It depends on how and who you approach. Your resume is usually the first impression of you that is given. Make sure it is catered to the role you areapplying for and highlights all of your top offerings. Don’t shy away from content, it should give an employer all of the content that is needed to make a decision or a call.

Creating personal branding is becoming more of a common occurrence now.  Why not try a website? If your skills are in the realm of technology, it will definitely showcase your skills. Perhaps some personal business cards? Food for thought.

Forge you own path

Looking for the next role could be a daunting ordeal with lots of factors that lie out of your control. However, there are a few things that you can do to control this process.

Make sure you follow up with interviews and thank them for their time. Ask for feedback from interviews, it will help you aim higher for the next one. Target your applications and address the selection criteria – think quality over quantity.

Remember, landing a job is about matching your offerings with an employers’ requirements. What is it that you offer that would be beneficial to a future employer? Make sure to highlight that.

Target your offerings

Speaking about offerings, make sure it’s aimed at what a potential employer is looking out for. As easy as it is to create one generic resume it will not serve its purpose if it caters to different levels and types of roles. I often come across candidates that have a wide range of transferable skills and are also flexible in the roles they are applying for. To them, I say make two to three variations of your resume to get the best result and limit uncertainty for potential employers.

One stream of specialisation? Bring you technical skills to the forefront along with mentioning your tools of the trade that link to your experience.

Meet, speak, repeat

When looking out for new roles, different paths or getting started in a new market, always welcome and seek opportunities to meet industry contacts. This could be through networking events, internships, meetups, industry events, or recruitment consultants. At most, it might open doors to opportunities. At the least, it will offer you some insight.

Hang in there, it might take some time

Each person’s job search and success is different to the next person. It could be a tough ride and it is understandable that you may feel disheartened at certain times. Finding the right role does take its time. Just remember to maintain a high level of professionalism and perseverance throughout.

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Chaanya Fernando


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