What do Candidates Really Want from Recruiters?

Finding the perfect job or the perfect employee can be as hard as finding blood in a stone if you don’t have a recruitment manager who has your back. But what does it really take to satisfy a candidate? Here we uncover the truth about what candidates really want. The heart and soul of quality

Should you tag your staff in things on Facebook?

Before I get into my blog, I thought I would point out that although this particular example is about tagging staff in a post on Facebook, there are a whole raft of social media platforms that this would apply to. As I am not an avid user of Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or many other platforms,

The confounding nature of employee experience, and how to overcome it

I am guessing at some point in your employee life that you have answered a survey about your employee experience (sometimes referred to as engagement). Typically, these are exercises that involve answering a large number of online questions anonymously, and once completed, the results are analysed from every conceivable angle in order to determine the