Three Lead Metrics Every Workplace Should Consider

Chances are that you already know about the difference between ‘lead’ and ‘lag’ measures/indicators.  Just in case, lag indicators are those that are best described as outcomes, like sales revenue and profit.  The performance that led to the number has already happened.  Lead indicators, on the other hand, are those which are most likely to

Landed that Great Job, Now Land that Great Start!

Starting a new job can be scary, especially with new people, in a new place with different ways of doing things. It’s not something we can avoid in our lifetime and for some it can be daunting. I myself have recently gone through the same process of starting a new job simply to further my

How to Ensure Gender Equality in the Workplace

Many employers these days are recognising a change in the tides when it comes to gender equality. This world-wide issue is not something that can be changed overnight. As a business owner or operator, there are steps you can do to encourage a gender-friendly environment. Curious to see how your workplace stacks up? Check out

Are you the toxic boss or work colleague?

I often meet with clients and contacts at a discrete coffee shop to talk through current or future projects we are working on.  I often get there 15 minutes early for some quiet time to plan and get myself organised for the meeting.  I am constantly stunned and amazed at the number of people who