It is no secret nor a revelation that the world of employment is fast changing. To add to this, contract or temporary employment is growing at an extraordinary pace. More than ever, working Australians are considering the “gig-economy” and this is received with an uptick in demand from employers. To add to this, the demand is no longer driven purely by an aim of cost-reduction as it once was. However, this topic can still divide a room. I have spoken to numerous candidates and clients whose opinions on contract engagement lies across a vast spectrum ranging from “I’m not sure what temp contracting is” to “that’s all I would consider”.  So, for those of you that would want to know more, here are some key points to keep in mind.

  1. Variety 

For most candidates this is the top reason for getting into contracting. Being a temporary employee allows you to experience a variety of roles, projects, industries and organisational environments without committing to a company long-term. This is ideal for those that appreciate the diversity and easily settle into new environments. 

  • Flexibility 

Contracting allows you to gain flexibility in multiple different ways. It allows you to choose when and where you want to work and what assignments you want to be a part of. If you plan it well, you would even be in control of when you take holidays and time-off giving you better control of your lifestyle. 

  • Pay rate 

In most domains and dependant on your niche skill set, temporary employees command a higher salary compared to their permanently employed counterparts. In certain instances, this is also to make up for the lack of leave entitlements. 

  • Assessment before commitment 

While temporary employment may be a way to assess the suitability of an individual within the organisation, it is also an opportunity for a candidate to make an assessment of the work environment before committing to an organisation long term.

  1. Faster process of hiring

Generally, it is a faster process for hiring temp employees due to the urgency of the need. A higher weight is placed on technical skills to address the immediate requirement. This process could be faster going through recruitment specialists such as Optimum Consulting as we already have high quality pools of candidates that have already been interviewed and referenced. 

  • Reduced long-term labour costs

As the term suggests, temporary employees will remain in your organisation for a short period of time. The implication of this is decreased pressure on your salary budget and less money spent on training. 

  • Quick impacts with fresh ideas

Temporary employees are aware that they are brought in for a specific piece of work or duration of time. While they would appreciate a warm welcome, their goals and purpose are clear. The time spent on inductions and introductions are limited allowing a faster impact.

They also bring a fresh set of eyes and new ideas. In most cases, temporary employees have had experiences in varied environments and with that bring diverse thoughts and fresh perspectives. In some cases, this might be exactly what you need!

  • Niche skills

Certain projects call for niche skills, especially in the world of IT. Hiring a temporary employee is the ideal way to bring high-quality talent to ensure the success of a project without making long-term commitments. 

  • Flexibility

Finally, hiring a temporary employee allows flexibility if uncertain or needing to make a quick decision. It may be to address an unforeseen portion of work for which a duration has not been determined, it may be to evaluate uncertainty around the need for a permanent role, or it may be to assess if you want to take that particular candidate on for a full-time role.  

Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that temporary employment holds a multitude of benefits. However, there are also some points that should be kept in mind to make the most of their time at your organisation. Firstly, it is best to have clear expectations right from the start to avoid confusion. Secondly, Take the time to assess your need. How soon would you need them onboard? Do you have time to run the process yourself? Thirdly, even though they may be with your organisation for a brief period of time, temporary employees still like to feel welcome. 

As a final point and in the spirit of the silly season, the demand for temporary employees does not just increase within the retail sector during this time to make up for the 24-hour shopping cycles! If you are experiencing any of the following you may be needing a Christmas temp:

  • A peak workflow
  • High levels of annual leave being taken 
  • Limited supply of candidates 
  • Higher than usual levels of overtime and rushed work. 

Do you need a temp? Are you unsure? Would you like to jump into the world of contracting? Whatever the reason may be, I would urge you to get in touch with us here at Optimum Consulting.

Chaanya Fernando – Consultant

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