Tips to Handle Change

Not only is 2020 a new year but also the start of a new decade. Exciting times! 2020 will of course bring with it a word that we hear a lot but may not like all the time, a word that excites some but that can dis-engage others, a word that that can evoke different

Master your Interviews in 2020!

Confidence is key. No matter how many times you’ve sat in the chair facing your potential employers, interviews can be tough. Taking the time to prepare, not only about the company but also about yourself, will make you feel a lot more confident and at ease. A drumbeat that we follow here at Optimum Consulting

Career Advice for Job Seekers on Holidays; Why It’s Important to Stay Relevant!

The end of the year is nigh and as a job seeker, there is no better time to be prepared for 2020 than now. Here is what you should be doing to remain relevant in the job market and ahead of the pack this new year. As the festive season has just passed us by,

A Lesson in Personal Branding

While it’s only January, already this summer will be remembered as one of devastation to many Australians with the ongoing bushfires continuing to wreak havoc. While numbers are expected to grow, so far 17 lives have been lost, over 1300 properties have been destroyed, and over 3.6 million hectares have burned. When reporting on the