Are you finding the job search process frustrating and demotivating?

The uncertainty in the employment market due to the Covid-19 pandemic means many people are unsure what to do right now.  Where are the jobs and how do I get one?  My team and I are regularly asked these questions.  So, here are some ideas, I hope you find useful. 

Where are the jobs?

Consider these 4 areas:

  1. The most common method to finding a job is through advertised jobs on online job boards like SEEK, Indeed, gradAustralia, industry-specific sites (eg. efinancialcareers) or company “careers” web pages. In addition, to live job advertisements, these sites often provide helpful data on what industries are experiencing the most demand, along with resume and interview advice.  Check out this SEEK site for information on what industries are currently hiring.
  2. The second source of jobs is through good Recruitment Consultants who have access to the hiring managers you’d like to work for.  Recruiters with strong networks can open doors that wouldn’t otherwise be available.
  3. Thirdly, make use of your personal contacts (family, friends, teachers, sporting teammates, former colleagues etc). This is a tremendously powerful and underestimated market. It takes effort, so put some thought into it and get out there and be proactive.  Tell your network that you are looking for work and show your appreciation for any leads or helpful insights.  It never ceases to amaze me how little thought and effort people put into this.  Yet, for those who do, they are often surprised by how many opportunities are closer than they think.
  4. But don’t forget the invisible job market.  You get these jobs by being found.  This is where online profiles on sites like LinkedIn and SEEK can be advantageous because it allows potential employers to find you.  Alternatively, you may be contacted out of the blue following a recommendation from a former colleague, customer or personal contact. 

How do I get a job? 

Now you’ve identified a job opportunity, the next step is to put yourself in contention for getting it.  Here’s how:

The Application

First impressions count, so whether your application is via a cover letter with resume, a video application or an online questionnaire, make sure you present yourself in the best possible manner.  Demonstrating an interest in the specific opportunity (rather than generic statements) is important, particularly if supported by a compelling “why”.  Why do you want the job and why would you be great in the role? 

The application is your opportunity to entice the employer to contact you.  Provide enough evidence of your ability to do the job and your motivation, without telling your life story.  You want the hirer to contact you to learn more.

The Interview – My 4 P’s of interviewing

1) Positivity

Once again, first impression count.  Start the interview positively with a smile and thank the interviewer for sharing their time with you. 


“It’s great to meet you Ed.  I appreciate you giving me this opportunity to learn more about working with you and allowing me to demonstrate why I’d be an ideal candidate”.

2) Preparation

People hire people.  Research the person or people you will be meeting and get a feel for their background and their areas of responsibility.  Also, learn about the organisation – their mission, vision, values, what products or services they provide, who they compete with and what type of employees they have. 


Type the company name into LinkedIn.  If they have a company page, click on the “People” tab.  This can provide tremendous insight into the type of people who work there.

3) Practice

Interviews can be daunting.  Practice with a family member, friend or video yourself answering anticipated questions. 


Practice explaining your transferable skills to demonstrate to the hirer why they should choose you.  Check out this article for further help.

4) Pride

Be proud of who you are and be yourself.  The more authentic you are at an interview, the more likely you are to connect with the interviewer and get an offer.  The hirer wants to see the person they will be working with, not a false version.


 “Remember, it’s ok to be yourself.” Richard Branson.

Final Tip:

If you want to differentiate your job application, create a Fllair profile and include the link on your resume.  This gives you the opportunity to showcase your background in a new way – create a video to really stand out from the crowd!

Good luck!

Ben Walsh

Ben is General Manager – Recruitment at Optimum Consulting Group, an Australian employment advisory firm.  He has been actively recruiting and managing teams for twenty years, with industry experience gained in Australia, Canada and Ireland.

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