job search fatigue

Another long day of applying for jobs. ANOTHER generic, vague rejection email. You’ve been looking for a new job for what feels like an eternity. You’re getting burnt out, you’re getting frustrated and are growing weary of competing with hundreds of other applicants. You are desperate for something soon – your sanity and bank account depend on it!

When you say the word ‘fatigue’, often images of hard, physical labour come to mind, however, the exhaustion that can affect you mentally, from continuous job searching can take a massive toll. In theory, people view job searching as sitting down behind a screen and sending off resumes. However, the mental energy and vulnerable position you are in can have a massive impact. If you are finding yourself losing momentum and are struggling with negative thoughts surrounding your job search, here are some ways to remain focused, positive and productive:

Change it up

Change your attitude. What worked this time last year, may not work in today’s job market. Clearly what you are currently doing is not working. So, what can you change to ensure better outcomes? Make a specific ‘to-do; list. Rather than vaguely applying for a bunch of jobs every day, mix it up. Today, commit to making 3 contacts. Tomorrow, commit to applying for 4 jobs that genuinely excite you. Once you’ve done that, you are done for the day and can move on. Consider new activities like volunteering or attending a workshop. This way you are still being productive, are interacting with new people, gaining transferrable skills and are breaking up the monotony of scrolling through jobs online.

Get creative

Perhaps broaden your job search techniques. There are so many opportunities that exist that may not have a specific job posting on SEEK. Explore industries and the needs of the market rather than waiting for a precise job ad to pop up. Look beyond a job title and focus on using your transferrable skills in areas where there is demand.

Learn to move on

If you haven’t heard back from a potential employer after multiple attempts to contact them, consider it a “no” and move on to the next opportunity. Don’t fixate and spend all of your energy and efforts on one job. Not only can this make you look desperate, but it will only get you down and won’t achieve anything positive. Instead, focus your energy on new and more exciting opportunities.

Celebrate the small wins

Did you make a new connection? Did you get an interview? Even though you haven’t been offered the job, celebrating the small things will help keep you positive.

Don’t let the employer see you sweat!

You’ve made it to the interview, congratulations! Now, no matter how desperate or frantic you may feel because you finally got an interview, you don’t want the hiring manager to sense this. Appear confident from the get-go.

  • Go well dressed, have a firm handshake and make eye contact.
  • Don’t be overly familiar or informal. Keep it friendly but professional.
  • Make sure you have done your research on the company and the hiring manager (a good LinkedIn stalk never goes astray!)
  • Have some thoughtful questions that you can ask at the end.
  • Have clear examples ready and focus on your strengths.

Get some help from friends or a job coach

If you still feel like nothing is working, consider getting some input from someone external. Perhaps someone who knows you well and can give you honest feedback. Alternatively, consider getting some professional advice. We have just launched “Fllair”, a new premium job support platform and service designed to help ensure job applications stand out in a competitive market. You will receive customised career coaching; expert advice on how to accelerate your job search; tap into jobs that aren’t advertised; receive tips on nailing job interviews; resume tailoring and ongoing career support:

It is really easy to get stuck in a negative cycle of searching, applying and being rejected. It can be mentally draining and disheartening. But you can make these simple changes to boost your motivation and help you be more focused and targeted in your job search processes.

Please reach out if you require any assistance with your job search or would like to hear more about Fllair. We would love to hear your ideas on how you battle job search fatigue.

Georgia Narayan

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