How to give yourself a better chance of landing that dream job

2020 has been a strange year in many ways. Some of us planned to buy a house, travel overseas, have a wedding, or simply find a new job after graduating university. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, we were forced to put our 2020 plans on hold (at least for now). From a recruitment perspective, we saw a strong start to the year until COVID hit and restrictions came into place. Since then, it has been a completely different world for both recruiters and job seekers. Almost overnight, the market tightened up and there weren’t many jobs available between April to June. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and this is slowly changing.

As recruitment consultants, a significant part of our role is providing candidates with guidance on how to give themselves the best chance of finding a job in this extremely competitive market. Recent studies indicate that there are approximately 350 applicants for any white collar job advertised. With figures like this, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, however, keep reading for some tips on getting hired fast(er).

Don’t waste time on jobs that aren’t a fit.

Recently, there was research conducted surrounding people’s job searches and what they are currently experiencing in the market. The findings concluded that people who submit 46 job applications are only 4% more likely to be hired than those who submitted between 6 to 10 applications.

This demonstrates that tailoring your application (particularly for a job that you are passionate about) is more effective than applying for a bulk amount of jobs with the same resume and hoping for the best. Cold applications without a cover letter or specific resume give clients no reason to hire you unless you have the exact skill set they are looking for.

See your dream job posted?

Be proactive. Tailor your resume, update your LinkedIn, write a great cover letter, try to speak to the hiring manager or HR directly. You will give yourself more of a chance by taking some initiative and showing that you really want this job.

Manage your job search.

Create a spreadsheet tracking all the jobs you apply for. You will work more efficiently and never forget to follow up. There is nothing worse than when you receive a call from a recruiter, or the hiring manager and you do not remember what job you have applied for. This can make you look unorganised and will not make the best first impression.

Impress them on the spot.

First impressions are the most important thing when you are being phone screened or interviewed. The first 30 seconds (if not less) of the phone screen or interview will either get you closer to where you want to be or will make you just another applicant out of hundreds. Ensure that you are prepared and confident.

Use your social networks to find a job.

In my eyes, this is the easiest way to get a job. Let your friends and former co-workers know that you are looking. Do not throw all of your eggs into one basket and hope that you will get a call after applying for 10 different job ads. Be proactive, show initiative and use your branding – this will set you apart.

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Marek Madle

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