With 2021 well and truly into full swing now, the Australian job market has a quiet confidence about it.  Sure there are still many uncertainties, and there are various industries that are yet to recover (the travel industry is just one example), but it’s certainly a better situation than what most of 2020 was able to offer.

What this means is that more people will have the confidence to move jobs, which means the competition for each role is likely to be high.  Imagine being a recruiter or hiring manager having to trawl through the resume’s received for a role.  How would you decide who’s worth hiring, especially when everyone is claiming to be a proactive team player with great communication skills.

Tell your story your way

Think of the difference between reading a book and watching a movie.  Whilst both have their place, it is easier to capture the full story through a visual medium.  Therefore, one way to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd is to create a brief video about yourself that a recruiter or hiring manager can easily digest.  I am not talking about creating a three hour long production, I am talking about a minute or two to help capture elements about yourself that a resume simply can’t do. 

Why should someone hire you?

Another tip we can share is to get straight to the point about why you should be considered for an interview.  Many resume’s we see tend to waffle on a bit about things that seem important but in reality aren’t really.  They are just noise that distract the recruiter or hiring manager away from what you really want them to know.  Often, having a few bullet points under the heading ‘Why You Should Hire Me’ is a great way to get someone’s attention

Do it all with Fllair

At Optimum Consulting Group, we recently created an online portal – www.fllair.com – to help you do all of these things and more.  You can create a resume, create a short video about yourself, get reviews/references, and showcase your work.  Here is an example – https://app.fllair.com/u/jasonbuchanan/details.

You can also gain access to a growing marketplace of services and advice from career experts that will ensure you can achieve your career goals.

Create a free account today by visiting www.fllair.com

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