my tips if i was a hiring manager

There is no doubt the market has shifted, and the first quarter of 2021 has kicked off with a bang. A number of clients have multiple roles for which they are trying to recruit, candidates are in demand, some areas are short of talent and in some instances the panic has started to set in. Navigating the current hiring market has its challenges, so here are my tips if I was a hiring manager recruiting at present:

Understand your organisations EVP (Employer Value proposition)

This is a key part of any recruitment process and when you invest in developing a strong EVP, it can help you attract significant talent. First of all, ensuring you have an EVP in place and also truly understand what it is, is important. Be clear on why a candidate would want to work for your organisation, and why they should apply for your role over others.

Have a detailed, thorough and up to date job description and know what you are looking for

Putting your pen to paper and writing a job description helps to ensure you crystalise exactly what type of candidate you are wanting to attract. This can also help you save valuable time in the recruitment process. Candidates also find them helpful so make it appealing to them. Include things like role scope, team structure, reporting lines, leadership responsibilities, remuneration, skills and experience required. But most of all, be specific.

Consider Transferable skills

By only considering candidates with the specific experience, you are overlooking a vast array of talent out there with key transferable skills. A candidate can have transferable skills that they can apply to many different roles, industries and organisations. If you are not sure the candidate has the right transferable skills, maybe consider a psychometric test to give you that extra piece of confidence, as it can test their soft skills also.    

Virtual recruiting is here to stay so be open to it

Yes this is reality. A lot of us love doing things face to face, but some of the way we do things has shifted post COVID19. Online has become extremely prevalent and candidates often expect they can interview for the first round via video conference. A number of candidates are still working from home which can make it difficult for them to travel throughout the day for interviews. It might not be your ideal scenario, but at least be open to it if it means keeping the door open to a quality candidate.

Move fast!

In a lot of instances, speed can be crucial right now. If your hiring processes from application to offer is clunky and takes too long you will often lose candidates in the process. We all know how frustrating it is to lose your number one candidate and have to go back out to the market. Once you find a candidate you are impressed with, do not hesitate to move on them otherwise someone else will!

Manage the offer process with care

The offer process is crunch time. Where you can, gain an understanding of where they are at with other roles and offers and where your role/organisation sits. Clearly understand the candidate’s salary and benefits expectations right down to the detail. And lastly, do not be surprised if the candidate has multiple offers on the table or is counter offered either. It is happening right now.

Ensure onboarding is smooth

You have successfully hired someone new – win! Your job isn’t over yet. Ensuring a smooth and successful onboarding process is now essential. It will set the candidate up for success.  Check in with them regularly to see how they are settling in, find out their challenges and any other help they might need.

Be ready for performance management and goal setting

Onboarding is important, but just as important is performance management and having clear and measurable KPI’s in place. Ensure the candidate understands what is expected of them and be ready to have regular and ongoing performance conversations.

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Executive Consultant – Group Solutions

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