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For close to  4 years  I have specialised in contract recruitment and have seen firsthand the benefits it can have for my candidates.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or were made redundant due to COVID-19, it can be difficult to find that perfect permanent job. This is where contracting comes in; it can be a great alternative. It can give you a chance to try new things and see what you actually enjoy.

It provides you the opportunity to find work quickly when needed, as being employed in a contract role is often a very quick process. Therefore, if you are looking to secure a job sooner rather than later this can be a great option. Contracts can also be useful to close gaps/keep continuity on your resume. It can also enable you to get your foot in the door if you’re trying to get into a particular industry or get back into the workforce.


Do you want to work according to your own schedule? Do you want the freedom and flexibility to plan for holidays or personal projects or study? Then contracting may be a great solution for you. Due to the nature of contract roles, you can work the job around your life. Yes, not having fixed employment may be scary to some but so can commitment! What’s wonderful about contracting is that you have control over your own hours. You aren’t expected to take your work home or partake in hours of overtime. However, even if you do work a little more, your hourly rate means extra pay!

Sample different industries

Are you familiar with the feedback “your resume looks great but we require someone with a certain type of industry experience and have found someone more suitable”? I know this is frustrating and is very common for many of my candidates attempting to break into a new field. But have you ever considered taking on temporary work in the field you’re hoping to get into?

Speaking from experience, many employers who require temporary cover may have less stringent criteria for that role. Working in a range of respectable organisations and roles makes your resume more impressive. It demonstrates your agility and adaptability. It also will help you get that ‘foot in the door. For instance, many of our clients hire from a contract to permanent basis. This isn’t to say every contract role will lead to permanency but it can give you a better chance if you nail that contract job.

Opportunity to broaden or deepen your skillset

Contract work is a great way to develop new skills and gain exposure to different environments, work on new projects and learn different systems. Being able to provide future employers with a rich and diverse list of skills as well as an adaptable work ethic, immediately signifies your flexibility and employability. By working in different roles and industries you will learn technical and behavioural skills that will be transferrable to future positions.

Build your professional network

How many times have you heard “it’s not what you know but who you know?” Temporary work helps you to build contacts and expand your networks within a variety of companies. The right job may arise in a different department of a company that you previously contracted for. It could even come up in a different organisation that works alongside a business you have previously contracted for. Brisbane in particular is a small market so you never know who knows who!

If you’re considering taking on contract roles and don’t know where to start, or are looking to secure your next position,  get in touch with Optimum Consulting and we can help!

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