If 2021 has taught us something – you cannot take anything under the guise of “normal” when it comes to the job market. And right now, we are in the eye of a candidate-driven career storm, a job seeker’s delight! See 3 of the top job-seeking trends that recruitment experts predict next year will hold.

One of the most significant movements in the job market this year was “the great resignation”. According to an article* in The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), this was due to a resurgence in job hopping in Australia’s post-lockdown period, when employees were focused on retaining work during the COVID-19 pandemic. SMH say that statistics from LinkedIn reveal a 26 percent jump of employees in Australia swapping from one company to another in October this year, on comparison with the same time in 2019, pre-pandemic.

Resignations, job swapping and company hopping has opened up the job market, putting the power back into the hands of job hunters, as employers now seek to fill their vacancies. This in turn has promoted a little more leverage when these positions need to be filled, and fast!

Our job recruitment experts, foresee more flexibility for qualified candidates to negotiate working arrangements, benefits, and salary expectations. And job hunters with all the skills but with little experience or gaps in their resumes, are likely to see more opportunities open for them too.

So, when it comes to job talent recruitment, what do we predict for 2022?

Hard work. Yes, that’s right. Talent acquisition managers and professional recruiters will have to work across a landscape that has shifted gear. Tried and tested methods of talent recruitment might not stack up enough to secure in-demand candidates. It is companies willing to go above and beyond “normal” who will win the race for talent. We can expect a range of creative recruitment strategies that will make the career landscape a lot more aggressive and imaginative.

Here are 3 job search trends that are about to get a facelift next year.

#1 More Selective Applicants

Employers should anticipate quality over quantity when it comes to the number of applicants for an advertised position. Due to an increase in vacancies, job seekers can afford to be more selective – and they will tend to save effort on applying for roles that match their expectations and skills more assertively. The days of “anything will do” attitude to job hunting due to high competition has expired. Job seekers will weigh up workplace culture that coincides with their work ethic, as well as the tangible benefits that are offered.

When recruiting, employers should be forward with their workplace values, culture and company ethics. Promote what makes their place of employment desirable to appeal to specific, like-minded candidates. For example, some workplaces seek career-driven, determined individuals who value promotion. Others prefer to nurture their employees with supportive teams and educational incentives.

Perfecting the promotion of an employer brand and creating a positive candidate experience will be imperative for attracting the talent you really want.

#2 Online Virtual Recruitment

This year drew increased attention to the ease of online systems. Not only being able to extend the talent acquisition pool more remotely, virtual interviews have become a modern, time-saving approach for both job seekers and employers, and a convenient way of screening talent. We see this system being well-executed and embraced next year.

* Tip: for more on virtual recruiting, see our article ‘virtual interviews are still formal interviews’.

#3 Longer Notice Periods

With increased pressure on employers to fill roles, we expect to see an increase in the notice periods for candidates, as less flexibility will be offered to them. Employers will look to hold onto their employees for as long as possible, so providing an extra level of security to guard themselves against talent movement is no surprise. This could also lead to a danger that candidates accept an offer only to find something else in the meantime.

Employers need to focus on strategies for keeping a candidate connected and remaining enthusiastic about their newly-acquired role during their notice period.

The gears have shifted. We are in the eye of a candidate-driven recruitment storm and only those talent acquisition companies willing to go next level will gain the talent that employers really want.

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* Source – The Sydney Morning Herald: Australia’s version of the ‘great resignation’ revealed as staff swap jobs

Alicia Sumich
Group Manager – Business Development

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